Mini Project 2/21-2/23

Tuesday 2/22:
End of day objectives (Telluride):
  • Experience two types of government and reflect on pluses and deltas of each government.
  • Clear understanding of link to Telluride Native Americans history and government.

Tuesday’s Work:
  • Group discussion of Telluride Native Americans and their government structure/History of area.
  • Choose one type of government to try out.
  • Government’s job is to choose what things the groups will be doing (hike, go to museum etc.)
  • Record pluses and deltas of first type of government
  • Try out the Telluride Native of government in their environment
  • Discussion tying experience of government to Telluride Native Americans.
 Please do a reflection on the day on your professional blog at the end of the day.

Rosemary Beach Crew: Will do similar work facilitated by Randy and Amy.

Monday 2/21:

1. Please email both Randy and Amy the location of your OHpedia lesson.

2. Please make sure that you have your longer end of the day reflection from Friday 2/18 posted to your professional PBL blog. (What will you always remember about the process of creating your OHpedia project?)

3. Telluride students do some Internet research and add to shared google doc: What is the largest Native American Tribe to influence the Telluride area? Check your email this doc was shared with you this morning. Rosemary Beach students will have a similar assignment.

4. Open shared google doc "Why is there government?" and follow instructions on it.

5. Telluride we are hoping to skype with you around 8:30 or 9:00am your time. We will watch for you to come online and set up a time once we see all of online. The questions below will make sense once we skype.
  • In multi age teams answer these questions:
    • What are the different kinds of governments?
    • What are the pros and cons to each of these?

6. Go back to shared google doc Why is there government and answer the question again (do not erase your earlier thoughts). Please use the same format as before (initials and use the same color as this morning) and add answer #2 before your second answer.
  • EX: Answer #2 AH: Based on the new information I earned to day I think that there is government because...
7. End of day blog reflection (post on PBL on blog): How does your family make decisions and what type of government would you classify your family as? Use specific examples to support your thoughts.